Okanagan Dinner & Wine Tours

Kelowna and the Okanagan Place produces a wide range of top rated bottles of bottles of wine. We invite all our area visitors and residents alike to be a part of us in a most enjoyable tour going to bottles of wine creators, testing local bottles of bottles of wine, and then to top off the experience, be a part of a group of buddies for a amazing dinner what could be better than that not allowed to flavor your bottles of wine.

The Okanagan Place is known for its awesome bottles of wine creators generating top quality bottles of bottles of wine that regularly win national and international containers contests and identification. Few wine-producing regions in the world can match our combination of mountains, ponds, fresh air and intense sunlight with so many grape varietals.

Over 30 bottles of wine creators are located in Kelowna with well over 200 containers creators in the whole Okanagan Place region. The sun-drenched valley surrounding Kelowna is marked with farm-gate containers creators too, where each vintage is carefully canned by hand. All containers creators offer containers flavored. Wine trips can last from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on the winery.

Many bottles of wine creators have unique and delicious meals services available. Gourmet local special treats, tapas-style fare or cheese and fruit platters are provided either indoors or on protected patios, all with awesome lake and valley views. Reservations are not required. Tours are open to people of all ages, however guests or youth under the age of 19 are allowed to flavor your bottles of wine. Enjoy a amazing evening with loved ones, going to bottles of wine creators, flavored fine Okanagan Place bottles of bottles of wine and enjoying superb food!

We offer a variety of Okanagan wine tours to suit your group, from visitors to locals out to have a great time together with friends and family. Learn a little of our area history as you sample wines, tour our Valley and enjoy our local restaurants all as one enjoyable experience.

We at Okanagan Supper & Containers of wine Visits would like to discuss our area knowledge and our sense of fun and provide you, our visitors, with the  Greatest Okanagan Containers of wine and Supper Experience.

We are extremely pleased to provide the entire Okanagan Area, such as Kelowna, Western Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton, Oliver, Pond Country, Vernon. Looking for a wine trip in any of those areas.

We offer a unique under the surface look at your bottles market in the wonderful Okanagan Area. Visits function everyday introducing the amazing things of the local wine makers. Be a part of us to fulfill the local vintners, move the wineries, engage in a amazing food and bottles combining at the afternoon meal, appreciate unique samplings and so much more.

Specializing in all inclusive bottles trip offers, tours consist of pickup and drop off from most Southern Okanagan locations, guaranteeing everyone can appreciate the day without worrying about any time behind the wheel. Our bottles trip offers also consist of all bottles tasting fees, and a gourmet lunchtime is served at a specially chosen restaurant on full day tours. The only time you will need to bring out your wallet is perhaps to purchase a special bottles or two to remind you of your journey. For more information visit the site https://experiencewinetours.ca/ .